immatériel ® gardening – Tree shadows magic

What if we could make the immaterial become material and eternalize the shadows of blossoming branches swinging in the glowing sun? Hunting poetic tree shadows and replanting them in urban environments forms the core of my immatériel® project. These unique pieces of art produce an interesting, mildly transcendental sensation, letting you feel the presence yet also the absence of nature. 

Here's how it works:


Photo shoot 


Pictures are taken in spring, when buds are still bursting and the light is gentle. A white canvas is used as a projection surface to find the shadows’ essence. Every shot captures an unrepeatable moment, since inclination of rays, clouds and wind changes swiftly.





Site-specific, personalized and hyper realistic depictions of tree shadows on walls and other surfaces are developed. Unique specimens for private and public spaces and exclusive series in cooperation with other manufacturers are created.




Tree shadows on concrete, plaster, wood, ceramic, fabric and other materials delude yourself that trees are there, where none are present. Several techniques are used, including serigraphy, digital print, halftone, airbrush and projection painting. 




Nature comes to life again in any urban environment you desire. Walls and other surfaces are enhanced with a poetic twist, leaving you with a slight abstraction feeling. Tree shadows by Anne Amelang are both relaxing and inspiring.


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serigraphy on concrete


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